Are you looking for an interesting, developing and attractive financial company? You may already be working, but doing the present tasks is not a good idea because you have to deal with an unjust boss who is poorly paying, does not respect your rights in the Labor Code, or does not give you any chance of professional development.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are struggling in this country. Often people - although they do not quite accept this situation - do not do anything about it and deepen themselves. Fortunately, there are many companies that make the staff happy and satisfied in terms of various aspects. One of them is Eurokadra Expert. Why work with us? See for yourself! We invite you to get acquainted with the most important factors that affect this.


What gives you work at Eurokadra Expert?


We are a company that realizes that good staff is of gold. As a result, we respect our employees and try to make the entrusted tasks performed by them with a smile on their face. We know that most people pay attention to financial issues. The Eurokadra Expert provides you with adequate rates for your knowledge and education. Of course, there is nothing to prevent you from advancing to a higher position and earning even more, as we systematically reward the best employees in this way.

Our company regularly organizes a number of training sessions that allow employees to be up-to-date. This way you can be sure that working with Eurokadra Expert does not mean stagnation, but only permanent improvement and improvement of your skills.

Working with us you will never complain about boredom or monotony. This is because we carry out various projects (coming from different fields), which guarantees interesting and interesting tasks for the staff.


Who do we need?


We are currently recruiting for positions such as Personnel Specialist, Payroll Specialist, Financial Specialist, Recruitment Specialist. We are constantly developing our financial and accounting departments.

For more information, please visit the Job Offers tab.


Required skills 


We are a modern company that is committed to the development and satisfaction of our employees. We give a lot, but we also require. Persons wishing to apply for the positions mentioned above must have good knowledge, education and experience in the relevant field. In addition, we focus on people who can work in teams because we do many group projects.

If you want to work in Eurokadra Expert, you must also be diligent, reliable, accurate and timely in your daily work. Resistance to stress is important because we make every effort to ensure that all tasks entrusted to us are made on time. We require a good knowledge of Office, as well as proficiency in computer maintenance - especially in human resources and accounting.

If you are a person who is looking for an interesting and developing job and you have the skills listed above, please contact us immediately. We are waiting for you! Remember that this is your chance for an interesting job in a company that has been known for many years and is highly regarded in the market.