Maternity and parenting rights


In relation to the birth of a child, the parents are entitled to certain rights. Among them are maternity leave and parental leave.

Principles of maternity leave

Maternity leave lasts up to 20 weeks in the case of one child with one child. If the number of children born at one birth increases, the proportion of maternity leave is automatically increased proportionately. Accordingly, he will:

31 weeks - at the birth of two children at one birth,
33 weeks - at the birth of three children at one birth,
35 weeks - at the birth of four children at one birth,
37 weeks - at birth of five or more children at one birth.
As a result of the new provisions governing parental leave from January 2, 2016, additional maternity leave was eliminated, which was combined with parental leave.

Principles of parental leave

At the end of maternity leave, the employee - the mother or father of the child - is entitled to 32 weeks or 34 weeks of parental leave if more than one child is born at one birth. Parental leave is granted immediately after the employee has taken maternity leave or the maternity benefit period. Parents can take advantage of immediate parental leave or divide it into 4 parts. It is important to use it until the end of the calendar year in which the child is 6 years old.

No part of the parental leave may be shorter than 8 weeks, although the exceptionally first part of the leave may only be 6 weeks if one child is born at birth. A parent may also take a break from parental leave and use up to 16 weeks of leave later.

Parental leave is always granted at the written request of the employee who submits the employee to the employer no later than 21 days after the birth - if this is a full-time holiday. If the leave is shared, the employee or employee must submit a written request for parental leave or part thereof within no less than 21 days before the start of this leave. When you take all your leave at once, you are entitled to maternity benefit of 80 percent. the basis for calculating the allowance for maternity leave and parental leave, and for shared leave, is entitled to a maternity benefit of 100%. the basis for the period of maternity leave and 100% for 6 weeks of parental leave, and later only 60% the basis of the allowance dimension.

In addition to maternity and parenthood, employees are entitled to 52 weeks of leave, which they spend on personal care.

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