How to create a job specification in the recruitment process?


During the recruitment process, it is time to assess staffing needs to hire a new employee. One of the methods of finding candidates is the publication of the job offer. This offer must include a specification of the position. How to make it?

What is a job specification?

The job description is a detailed description of the job vacancy at the workplace. It covers all the duties of the employee, which are related to the occupation of a given position and the objectives it will pursue.

It is important to distinguish the workplace specification from the employee specification, that is, the person who best meets the requirements of the employer. The preparation of both specifications will create a better chance of getting the employee who will be the best candidate for the job.

Due to the specification of the workplace and the employee, it is not only easier to find a candidate but also easier to look for unemployed and those who would like to change their current job. It is a mistake to post unclear and too general descriptions of the position, which is a waste of time for both parties.

Components of workstation specifications

The job description should consist of two parts: discussion of the position and responsibilities of the employee.

The description should include the name of the department and the workplace, the level of remuneration offered, along with an indication of additional remuneration. It should include a description of the basic tasks of the position and the goals that are relevant to it. The employer should put in place the exact responsibility that the worker will incur during the work.

The duties of the employee must take into account the daily tasks of the employee, the presentation of the organizational hierarchy, and especially the position of the employee. It is important to present the work procedure for the position - from the beginning to the end and the course of the typical working day. You can also present examples of one-off projects.

In this way, the job description is complete and facilitates the successful recruitment process in the company.

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