How to hire an employee for an internship?


Job placement is a way of activating the unemployed, but for employers it will be a method of obtaining a free employee for several or several months. How to arrange an internship at your workplace?

Application to the foreman

At the employment offices and on their websites the employer will find a ready-made application form for placement in his company. It must state in it:

- company data,

- the number of full-time staff,

- a guarantee that the trainee will not replace the current employee,

- preferences concerning the trainee: level of education, desirable skills or the name of the unemployed who may be referred for an internship.

When an employment contract is signed between the employer and the starost, the employer is required by law to indicate the place of placement, the placement program and the trainee placement. An internship is not a form of employment within the meaning of the Labor Code. The employer does not formally employ the trainee and is not obliged to pay him the salary. This is done by the starosta, who during the whole period of the placement paid a scholarship. The trainee in turn retains the status of the unemployed person.

How long can an internship take?

An internship may take a period of not less than 3 months and not more than 12 months. During this time, the trainee can work in the workplace for up to 8 hours a day, but does not work on Sundays and public holidays, in shift work, at night and is exempt from work after hours.

If the trainee is a disabled person with a significant or moderate disability, her working time may not exceed 7 hours per day and 35 hours per week.

After working 30 days, the trainee is entitled to 2 days off when he retains the right to remuneration.

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