Every second Sunday working - new project of the Polish government


The decision of the Government of Law and Justice led by Prime Minister Beata Szydlo will ban the trade on Sunday from 2018, but not in the shape of Solidarity and the Church. Free to be every second Sunday in a month.

Resumption of commission work

At the end of September 2017, the Sejm Subcommittee on Labor Market returned to work on trade restriction on Sundays. MEPs analyzed the submitted projects and introduced their own amendments. The position of the government in this matter is to limit and not ban trade on Sundays. The ruling party decided that only every second Sunday the shops would remain closed, and that these changes would be introduced on 1 January 2018, if the Sejm was to carry out the necessary work and pass the law.

As the Poles become accustomed to not being able to make purchases on Sundays, it is possible that the ban will be extended.

What changes do the government propose?

Working every second Sunday in a month is just one of the proposals of the government. It also proposed to increase the list of exceptions to the ban and include it as well:

- post offices,

- funeral parlors,

- stock exchanges,

- fairs,

- occasional fairs,

- logistic centers and container terminals (especially in international transport).

Changes are also made to the provisions on the ban on work in the holiday market, contained in the Labor Code. It is necessary to introduce uniform regulations for Sundays and public holidays throughout the year. They should be consistent.

The government also opposed the introduction of a custodial penalty for breaking the ban on trafficking. Ministers found it disproportionate to the offense committed. Therefore, it is proposed to replace the penalty of imprisonment for breaking the trade ban on Sunday fines, the amount of which will depend on the turnover.

A penalty of deprivation of liberty would only be applicable if the subject would commit a persistent or malicious violation of the trade ban on Sunday.


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