300 zł per month of tax on seasonal employment


Entrepreneurs using seasonal workers may soon have a new tax liability. The government is planning to introduce a new burden this year, in the form of a tax for the use of seasonal workers in the course of conducting business activity. What is it about?

Flat-rate tax for seasonal work

The Ministry of Finance, with the support of the Ministry of Development, the Ministry of the Family, Labor and Social Policy and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, is planning to implement a flat-rate seasonal employment tax by the end of this year. That is why, next year, and especially in the holidays, when many companies use seasonal employment, it will be fully enforced and will provide new revenue to the state budget.

It has now been found that the tax will be paid in the amount of approximately PLN 300 per month for the employment of a seasonal worker. With the introduction of such regulations, the authors argue, they will gain not only state finances but also entrepreneurs and farmers. They will be able to pay a relatively small fee of PLN 300 per month, completely legally employing seasonal workers. This will give employers additional financial security, which will be useful in situations such as: accident at work.

No seasonal worker registration

The vast majority of people doing seasonal work, among others. fruit and vegetable collectors, catering and hotel workers, there is no contract with the employer. The government, by introducing a flat fee for hiring seasonal workers, wants to bring the workers into the registry.

In the opinion of the employers themselves, who are to be taxpayers for temporary employment, for one season, the new tribute is only to patch the budget hole and not give them any benefit. It is possible that the new tax will in the future increase the prices of agricultural products, food services or construction. Entrepreneurs will want to strive to shift the cost of the tax to the target recipient instead of making it themselves.

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