New rules for issuing work certificates


Under the new Regulation of the Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy of 24 May 2017 amending the Labor Certification Regulation, employers will issue such documents to their employees on 1 July 2017 under the new rules.

Changes in the certificate of work

Employers who fail to issue certificates to their employees should note that they must provide in this document with details of the parental entitlements the employee was entitled to during his or her employment. This applies to:

- Employee's use of two weeks of tacit leave,

- not using parental part of parental leave,

- to use their protection against dismissal during childcare leave.

Amendments to Temporary Employees

New regulations included in the Temporary Employment Act indicate that a temporary employment agency may assign an employee to work for one employer for a maximum of 18 months over a further 36 months. Due to such a change in regulations, it was necessary to modify the rules for issuing temporary employment certificates. Such documents should include the names of the companies and the periods during which the temporary employee was assigned to them. These rules apply from 1 June 2017.

Correction of the work certificate

Under the new regulations, the employer will be able to correct a court order within 7 days after the verdict becomes effective, by issuing a new document, if the labor court takes into account the employee's action concerning such a case.

At the same time, the employer, within 7 days of the employee's request for supplementary work certificate, must supplement his or her content with additional information on the court's decision to return the employee to work or to grant him compensation for non-compliance with the law of dismissal or termination of employment contract. keep the notice period.

It is the employer's responsibility to issue a new work certificate to the employee within 7 days of the date on which the court concluded or approved the settlement.


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