Benefits of hiring people with disabilities


Persons with disabilities can be equally valuable to the employer as the disabled. As a result of their job placement, the entrepreneur can benefit greatly.

Benefit of employers

At the conclusion of an employment contract with a person with a disability, regardless of the degree of disability (severe, moderate or light), the employer has many benefits, including:

  • exemption from contributions to the PFRON (State Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled);
    monthly subsidies for the disabled employee (PLN 1,800 for people with severe disabilities, PLN 1125 for moderate and PLN 450 for lighters, PLN 600 for disabled people with mental illness, mental illness e.t.c.),
  • reimbursement of the costs of equipping the workplace of the disabled person and the cost of its adaptation to the needs resulting from the disability,
  • reimbursement of training costs for a disabled worker,
  • reimbursement of the cost of employing a carer, assisting the disabled in the performance of his or her
  • professional duties,reimbursement of monthly staff costs that help a disabled worker at work (for activities that facilitate communication with the environment and activities that are impossible or difficult for the disabled employee to do at work).

In return for such benefits, the employer should adapt the workplace appropriately to the needs of the disability and provide the necessary but rational improvements, which may include, for example, the fitting of premises, the setting of working hours and the division of tasks depending on the type of disability and reported needs. The employer should, as far as possible, employ an employee who is a helper for a disabled person.

Payments to the PFRON do not have to be made by employers who employ at least 6%. with its crew of at least 25 employees, people with disabilities. For example, 100 people employed in FTE must be 6 employees with disabilities.

Creation of a sheltered workplace

An employer employing at least 25 full-time employees who had a minimum employment rate of at least 40% for a minimum of 6 months. or at least 30%. In cases where blind or mentally ill people were employed, they may apply for the status of a sheltered workplace. It must operate for a minimum of 12 months and facilities and premises must comply with health and safety rules and regulations and take into account the needs of people with disabilities. Ad-hoc and specialized medical care, counseling and rehabilitation services are essential.

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