RODO Zmiany w przepisach o ochronie danych osobowych


RODO Changes to the rules on personal data protection

May 25, 2018 new regulations on personal data protection come into force in Poland. They are introduced in connection with the so-called. RODO, the European Data Protection Regulation. As a result, the legal framework for the functioning of many companies will change as they process their personal data. That's why it's time to start preparing for RODO. How?


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W związku z narodzinami dziecka pracownikom-rodzicom należą się określone uprawnienia. Wśród nich jest przede wszystkim urlop macierzyński oraz urlop rodzicielski.


Maternity and parenting rights

In relation to the birth of a child, the parents are entitled to certain rights. Among them are maternity leave and parental leave.

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Jak postępować przy wadliwej realizacji umowy o dzieło?


How to deal with faulty implementation of a work contract?

A work contract is the result contract, where the contracting authority pays the contractor the agreed remuneration if it has been executed in accordance with the contract. However, it happens that the work is not free from defects. How should the client do this?
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