Jak stworzyć specyfikację stanowiska w procesie rekrutacyjnym?


How to create a job specification in the recruitment process?

During the recruitment process, it is time to assess staffing needs to hire a new employee. One of the methods of finding candidates is the publication of the job offer. This offer must include a specification of the position. How to make it?

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Kiedy pracodawca musi przedłużyć umowę ciężarnej pracownicy do dnia porodu?


When does the employer have to extend the contract of the pregnant employee to the day of childbirth?

Pregnant women are in a special group of workers protected against dismissal, but not in any case. When the employee has a temporary agreement and is told that she is pregnant, she may apply for the extension of the contract until the day she gives birth. Under what circumstances does the employer have to do it?

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