Kto ponosi koszty przedwczesnego powrotu pracownika z urlopu?


Who is responsible for the early retirement of the employee?

The basic right of an employee under the Labor Code is the right to holiday leave - paid and uninterrupted. The employer usually gives you subordinate leave in accordance with their leave or occupational leave plan. However, when an employee is on vacation, he or she may be dismissed by the employer. Who in this case will be responsible for the cost of the lost leisure?

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How to hire an employee for an internship?

Job placement is a way of activating the unemployed, but for employers it will be a method of obtaining a free employee for several or several months. How to arrange an internship at your workplace? 

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How to calculate seasonal employment of employees in PIT?

Seasonal jobs in catering, construction or agriculture are relatively short, but they can be used for example by students and students. Employers employing such workers should know how to calculate their remuneration in the context of personal income tax.

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