Every business owner wants his business to earn the most monthly profits. This is only possible if the company offers high quality products and services. In addition, all activities must be properly and efficiently functioning. Correct operation of a company depends on many factors. Eurokadra Expert has been successfully performing professional payroll and payroll audits for many years, which allows you to see if everything in these areas is working properly. What are our actions in these aspects? Why use them?


Payroll audit


Payroll auditing gives you the chance to evaluate your entire payroll system. Our actions allow you to verify that all payments are properly charged. In addition, our professional team analyzes the appropriateness of sending funds to employees. The Eurokadra Expert also assesses whether all remuneration components are appropriately ranked and whether the company pays all necessary taxes.

How is the process going? Upon receipt of the application, we will familiarize you with the current situation of the company and the current remuneration system. We analyze documents, assess wage regulations and bonuses and compare it with market rates. We then prepare a final audit report that will allow our clients to streamline their entire payroll system. It is also possible for the petitioners to ensure that any checks do not reveal any irregularities in the areas analyzed by us. As a result, the company can function better and, therefore, achieve more satisfactory financial results.


Human resources audit


For many years, we have successfully implemented human resources audits. The process consists in, among other things: to check whether the necessary personnel data is in the files, which is a very important issue. In addition, we check that all contractual agreements with employees are in line with the applicable law in our country. But that's not all. Our experts assigned to perform this task will assess whether the necessary certificates are issued in the correct manner. Keep in mind that failure to comply with such formalities may result in a check, so it is not advisable to let this happen.


HR and payroll audit. Who should use?


Our HR and payroll audits make our companies better and more efficient, which translates into their financial results. In addition, we guarantee to our customers that checks in these areas will not show any errors, which protects the applicants from possible troubles with Polish law, financial sanctions or loss of confidence in the eyes of their customers. If you want to get the above mentioned benefits, do not hesitate and contact us as soon as possible

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