The good and the satisfaction of our customers is always in the first place. As a result, we are constantly striving to expand our range of services, which are constantly being implemented professionally and in a timely manner. In which cases can customers report to us?


We provide a full range of accounting services. We focus on professionalism and individual approach to the client. We provide the highest quality services and attractive prices for new customers.

We offer bookkeeping. Our activities in this area are: control of documents in terms of formal and accounting, current records of business operations, keeping an accounting book and records for VAT, preparation and dispatch of JPK files to the Tax Office, record of fixed assets and equipment.

In addition, we prepare annual reports for our clients, we prepare and send the annual CIT-8 testimony. We check liabilities and receivables on an ongoing basis, issue balances and prepare statistical reports to the Central Statistical Office. We keep a tax book of revenues and expenses, we prepare the preparation of annual tax returns and tax declarations CIT, PIT.

Our offer also includes registered lump sum, including documentary checks in terms of formal and accounting, keeping records of revenues, keeping records for VAT purposes, preparing and sending to the Tax Office VAT returns, JPK files and annual statements of PIT-28.

Payroll and human resources audit
Customers can also opt for professional payroll and human resources audits that include validation of payroll calculations, holiday pay checks, and validation of registration and enrollment for all required offices.
HR and payroll services
Eurokadra Expert offers its clients comprehensive HR and payroll services. We perform tasks such as: keeping records of employees, keeping records of holidays, keeping records of working time or preparing personnel documentation. We also support ZUS and PIP checks. We also execute orders in the aspect of making a payroll. These include: calculating ZUS contributions, preparing tax returns and ZUS, conducting remuneration sheets, preparing annual information on earned income, as well as collected advances.
Legalization of employment of foreigners
More and more businessmen choose to employ foreign workers. This involves the need to obtain relevant documents. The Expert Squad is a professional help in this area. We offer all the necessary paperwork to the offices that are necessary to legally employ people with foreign nationality and also from non-EU countries. In addition, we train our employees so that they can prepare all relevant certificates in the future.
IT services 

Nowadays, it's hard to imagine a professional company without well-functioning laptops or desktops. We are well aware of this, so we offer help in software deployments, IT network audits, internal LAN management, and corporate database support. With our knowledge and experience, all electronic devices will be up and running and the data stored on them will be as safe as possible.
Health and Safety Services
We have in our team of professionals who are able to carry out accurate and substantive pre-training and periodic health and safety. In addition, we offer support during PIP control and outsourcing.
Recruitment for clients
On request we also recruit employees for medium and high level positions. This way, anyone can find the best professionals in the industry.

The most important services provided by Eurokadra Expert are listed above. However, we are flexible, so if you have any problem with the profile of our business, please feel free to contact us. We guarantee that we will do everything in our power to help.

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